Flower Care Notes

When your flowers arrive, please take care when removing them from the packaging.  To prolong their vase life follow our care advice:


Ensure you have a clean vase, as any bacteria will shorten the life of your flowers. Fill the vase to approximately ¾ full with fresh cold water.

Carefully remove the packaging and remove any leaves that will fall below the water line in the vase (leaves decay much faster under water and decaying leaves create bacteria which will then shorten the life of your flowers).

Cut at least 1 inch off each stem with a clean, sharp knife or scissors. The cut should be a clean cut and angled I order to increase the amount of water uptake by the stem. Repeat this every couple of days in order to ensure flowers remain hydrated and prolong their life.

Arrange the flowers in the vase and enjoy!



Do ensure you keep the water topped up and change it every 2-3 days and when/if the water becomes cloudy or discoloured.

Avoid placing cut flowers next to fruit as they produce ethylene gas that can shorten the life span of flowers!

Keep flowers away from direct sunlight, heating and draughts.

When a flower begins to wilt, remove it from the arrangement.


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